The Importance of Local SEO

If you run an Aesthetic Clinic, much of your regular business is likely to come from clients in the local area. Good Local SEO is paramount to regularly appearing on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for local searches. This article explores the benefits of helping your brand establish its identity in local communities.

Why Is Local SEO Important?

If you want your website to attract good-quality traffic, Local SEO is essential. The goal of your online marketing strategy should be to increase your visibility and make your company more accessible to local customers, whether you have a physical location or just operate in a specific geographic location. Those clinics which understand the importance of Local SEO will benefit from more clients finding their clinic through organic search.

What Is the Difference Between Traditional Google Rankings and Local Pack Listings?

Google’s rankings are determined by a variety of algorithms that sort through billions of web pages to present the most relevant results.

Local Packs, on the other hand, are SERP tools that provide a map of local businesses as well as the top three suggestions based on the search query. As soon as you open these suggestions, you can view more results. These results are based on Google My Business listings.

As a result of their placement at the top of SERPs, Local Packing Lists provide your business with additional visibility. This is ideal for click-to-call referrals on mobile phones, which feature an easy-access website link, your business hours, phone number, and company address.

Your clinic needs to be listed in Google’s business listings to be eligible for Local Pack. It is important to claim ownership and confirm the location of your business listing. By providing your business with as much carefully worded and specific information as possible, you will be feeding the algorithm to increase your visibility on the internet. Maintaining up-to-date company information is vital if you choose to participate in Local Pack listings. Out-of-date information will lead to potential clients and customers turning away from your company.

Improve Local SEO Through…


Building a robust strategy for harnessing your local SEO will aid you actively going forward. Researching your market, competitors and target audience will enable you to gain clarity in how best to establish your online presence.


Having a deeper understanding of how to describe your business will help you refine your keyword search, increasing your online reach.


To maximize your local SEO, several free platforms and systems are available. Please see below for an overview of some of these options.

Maintain Your Online Presence and Information

There are numerous platforms you can advertise your company on, yet you may fail to be found by customers if your company information is outdated.

Google My Business

A free Google My Business account is a great way to manage your online presence across the scope of the search engine. This is a crucial first step to setting up your local presence online using Google.

You can categorize your clinic’s main lines of business, register your business hours, address, and reviews. In addition, Google’s Knowledge Graph uses your Google My Business profile to structure and reference data. Optimise your search reference by including keywords and phrases in your business listing. Google Maps will then appear for your business after the listing has been completed. Other platforms that use Google Maps API will also display Google My Business listings.

Building and Cleaning Citations

Your company information can be displayed online with structured and unstructured citations. Structure citations are online business directories that display key details about a business, including a website link, telephone number, address, and opening times

Structured citations are available on Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Facebook business profiles. Unstructured citations are online sites that display the same type of information but are not designed as business directories. Online blogs and magazines may also include unstructured citations. Reviews on reviewing websites may include unstructured citations.

You can greatly improve your local SEO with structured or unstructured citations. Search engines verify the accuracy of your company’s information through references from trusted platforms, increasing your company’s visibility on SERPs. It is more likely that your company will gain more site traffic the more frequently you appear online.

It is important to ensure that any citations made online provide accurate and up-to-date information; if citations contain inaccuracies, prospective clients may lose trust in your legitimacy and may avoid contacting you. There is an active process for cleaning citations. Keeping a database of your citations and their locations may be advantageous for you, provided you have confirmed the accuracy of all details provided about your company.

Optimised Location and Service Website Pages

When you structure your website, you can easily attract local consumers by including pages about your company’s location. Connect with local customers by using local keywords and clarify other pertinent information about your business on your location page, like business hours and contact information. Generally, it will improve your organic search results and local map pack rankings.

Online Reviews

The power of online reviews is undeniable when it comes to optimising your local SEO. Online magazines, blogs, and websites that review companies, products, and services maintain a strong basis of trust with their audience. The more your company appears online, the more likely you are to gain traction in local SEO. Location-based searches will likely pick up on your company’s online reviews.

Improving Your Clinics Local SEO

Investing in your clinics Local SEO can return a long-term stream of nearby clients searching for your services. To make the most of this opportunity we would advise working with an agency with expertise in SEO and a solid understanding of the aesthetics industry (that’s us!). Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss managing your Local SEO or any aspect of marketing your aesthetic clinic.