Pay Per Click Marketing for Aesthetic Clinics

Generate new clients to fill up your appointment diary

Pay-per-click marketing can deliver consistent results if you are looking to attract new customers. A paid campaign raises brand awareness and drives new website traffic that converts into appointments. You can appeal directly to your ideal customers and increase conversion rates.

We combine our experience in graphic design, search engine marketing and social media to deliver excellent results in PPC marketing for aesthetic clinics. Every client is different, and we take time to understand your business, services and USPs. As your campaign runs, we will constantly test and hone it to provide the best possible results and ROI.

Target your ideal customers

Drive traffic to your website

Drive traffic to your website to raise brand awareness.

Target your ideal customers

Targeted ad campaigns can bring new customers.

Build brand awareness online

Building brand awareness will raise your online profile.

Convert more sales online

Create ads to convert searches into sales for your treatments.

Google Ads

Paid search marketing allows you to target the specific search terms that your customers use when searching for treatments. Google Ads appear above organic listings on the search engine results page. With well-written, engaging ads, you can target customers ready to book treatments and convert them to customers.

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facebook ad image

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can target customers on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger and are a great way to get your clinic in front of your ideal customer. We can test audiences, creatives, and headlines to find the most engaging combinations that generate the most appointments.

Online advertising

Aside from Facebook and Google Ads, there are many different ways to advertise your clinic online. With our graphic design and marketing experience, we can produce eye-catching creatives and engaging copy to showcase your clinic and services. Whatever the media, we can help your campaign pop with our PPC marketing for aesthetic clinics services!

Frequently asked questions

PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing focuses on optimising ads, services and other content. This includes ads on search engines such as Google and sponsored posts on social media platforms. When a user clicks on an advertisement, the business pays the advertisement provider a fee. By running a paid campaign, you can raise brand awareness and drive new traffic to your website.

Depending on the search term, there is a fee per click which is paid to the advertiser (Google, Facebook etc.). In return, you appear higher in searches for that term and have an increased chance of converting clicks into sales. We have run highly successful ad campaigns for clients which have generated revenue, so we believe it is worthwhile.

People searching on Google are specifically searching for something, whereas Facebook Ads are based on the awareness of what pages people are viewing.

If you search for something, Google will return ads specific to what you’ve searched for, such as ‘lip fillers near me’. If you’ve watched or liked beauty clinic videos or viewed pages on Facebook, they will target you with ads based on this.

With pay-per-click campaigns, you pay a fee every time someone clicks on your advert. The price per click depends on how competitive that search term or your market is. You can set a daily or lifetime budget for your campaigns, and Google/Facebook will try to deliver the most clicks/conversions within that budget. You will need to set a reasonable budget to allow the platform to identify the best audience for your ad.

At Aesthetic Web, we utilise our expertise in PPC advertising and knowledge of the beauty and aesthetics sector to create and manage profitable campaigns. Our fees depend on the overall campaign spend, and we can discuss with you to find the best package.

We will provide you with updates on your ad’s progress, and can send reports periodically to give you a full view of what’s going on. We maintain 100% transparency with our clients at all times.

Fundamentally it comes down to expertise. Aesthetic Web have graphic designers and content writers who can design eye-catching ads, research keywords and write the body of text for your ad. We use the best available software to monitor your ad’s performance online. Our expertise has been developed over a long period and we’ve run many successful ad campaigns on Google, Facebook and other platforms.